I use my experience and multi-lingual knowledge to build and enhance the sales process and customer relation management for small and mid-size businesses.

Your objective: stable and sustained growth in sales and reputation

My mission: to fulfill this goal with you fast and effective

A successful cooperation starts with a conversation. My first step is to listen to your business goals and plans.

Contact me anytime (+31 6 5230 4570) or send me an email .

Offering now as well:
-text translations from English, German and French to Dutch
-secretarial tasks (personal assistant)

Even though we are in the communications business, Current taught us to write translations for various markets on a cultural level. They avoid a word for word approach, and instead look at language on the bases of cultural nuances, common regional phrases and local terms. Current is very professional and flexible. We highly recommend them.
Robin Siegel VP, HR Department, Darling NYC