Current is specialized in the following disciplines:

  • Assessment and evaluation of your company’s customer practices: your strength, opportunities, but also possible bottle necks
  • Effective communication in their own language; experience has taught us that communicating with customers in their own language has been very effective and valuable in building relationships, especially  when working with French and German speaking customers
  • Establishing customer contact and a good communication between you and your (future) customers
  • Accompanying your staff on visits to customers and prospects.
  • Developing ideas for trade shows and attending these events whether domestic or foreign with your staff
  • Service of text translations from English, German and French to Dutch
  • Secretarial tasks (personal assistant)
  • Communication to the market, together with our partner Darling Agency, a medium sized, innovative and very creative advertising agency in New York

Knowledge and experience:

  • Many years of experience in (international) sales with small and mid-size companies
  • Professional working proficiency in English/French/German/Dutch
  • Trade shows/presentations
  • Affinity with niche markets, for instance suppliers for the manufacturing industry